Thursday, 8 March 2018

How Garlic Can Be Helpful In Fighting Tooth Decay

We all use garlic in our foods on daily basis. But do you know that there are countess health benefits which garlic can offer? The matter of fact is that garlic is being used since 3000 BC. Thus, the health benefits of garlic are well known. There is a natural ingredient in garlic called Allicin. It is the very element which results in garlic breath but it also has amazing antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties which give the garlic the natural ability to provide some great health benefits. One of the health benefits in this regard is its ability to help in fighting gum disease.

There are 500 different types of bacteria that live in our mouths. Some of those bacteria are good for oral health while some are bad in this regard. There is no way you can wipe out the bad bacteria because mouth is consistently given the very ingredient these bacteria feed on. In this scenario, the best way is to maintain healthy balance between the good and bad bacteria. That’s all you need to keep your mouth healthy; and that’s what you need to prevent gum disease from occurring.

Talking about Allicin, it mainly restricts the bad bacteria from flourishing in the mouth. According to several studies, it is believed that Allicin is the elements which can help in preventing gingivitis from turning in the periodontitis. In fact, the consistent use of garlic extract can reverse gingivitis. Allicin doesn’t only prevent the overpowering by bad bacteria but also tends to revive good bacteria, leading to the establishment of good balance between good and bad bacteria.

Several dental health products claim that they can help in fighting mouth infections by killing 99.9% of oral bacteria. These products may be powerful enough to stand up to their claim but it’s certainly not the good thing to eliminate all of the oral bacteria. When you kill both good and bad bacteria in your oral cavity, you will get bad bacteria re-growing back with a pace. On the other hand, production of good bacteria takes fair amount of time. Hence, the bad bacteria overpower everything in oral cavity because good bacteria tend to come back. In this scenario, something which could create healthy balance is the best thing you can use. This best item is garlic and its extract.

Reaping the benefits of garlic
There is no special thing you will need to do in order to bring garlic into consumption. You can just use it as a supplement. You can take it along with the vitamins you take on daily basis.

Another way is to add it into the foods you eat. You can add garlic paste in the foods while cooking. Here, it is worth mentioning that it’s not just the dental benefits which the garlic can provide. There are a lot of health benefits of garlic. For instance, you can use garlic to avoid your cardiovascular health from getting deteriorated. In fact, garlic has been used to treat heart diseases.